10 Features of Firestone RubberCover

January 4, 2019 | General

Firestone is one of the most trusted names in rubber products and technology. It provides some of the most high-quality EPDM rubber roofs available, which is why Avenir Roofing is a proud supplier of this outstanding roofing material. With a huge range of Firestone RubberCover products in our range, alongside EPDM rubber membrane in a variety of sizes, we can provide you with the best of the best.

But what makes Firestone EPDM membrane so good?

Not only does EPDM rubber stretch across thousands of roofs across the UK, but the benefits also stretch way beyond other roofing types. To prove this, here are 10 of the best features of Firestone RubberCover and EPDM membrane.

1. Versatility

Firestone EPDM is a roofing material that can be used for a wide variety of projects. You can use it for extensions, verandas, porches, garages, dormers, sheds, carports, balconies, gutters and trailers. It is even used on unusual roofing types such as houseboats.

The fact that it can be used on so many types of building, makes it a number one choice for many roofers. It can be fitted around complex roofs and will install easily on roofs with skylights, rendered walls, roof lights, vents, you name it.

2. Durability

EPDM rubber is a synthetic, man-made rubber made from two main ingredients; ethylene and propylene. The material is designed to be extremely durable and can last as long as fifty years. It is waterproof and can withstand harsh wind, rain and snow to a high level. With such high-quality EPDM rubber being used by Firestone, you can expect nothing less.

EPDM rubber is tested at very high and low temperatures, to make sure it is durable in extreme circumstances, making it suitable for year-round protection. Putting it above other flat roofing types, EPDM can also resist ozone and UV. To top it off, the tear strength of this material means that holes and rips are highly unlikely, making the roofing last the test of time. What’s more, the fact that EPDM rubber prevents the growth of moss and algae contributes to the high level of durability that Firestone is recognised for.

3. 1-Sheet Installation

Firestone EPDM is also well-known for its 1-sheet installation. There is no faffing around with seams that can potentially lead to leaks because the material can be fitted in one large sheet. Here at Avenir Roofing, you can get rolls of Firestone EPDM in sizes up to 15.25 metres wide and 30.5 metres long, in sections that are cut-to-size.

This installation technique also makes Firestone RubberCover aesthetically pleasing as the seamless application looks neat and tidy.

4. Flame-free

One of the most attractive qualities of Firestone RubberCover for most roofers is that it has a flame-free application. Other flat roofing types require the roof to be met with a flame, making installation tricky and more dangerous. The beauty of EPDM rubber is that installation is so easy. You can simply adhere the roofing to the deck.

Plus, as part of Avenir Roofing’s expert Firestone supplies, we also offer one-day training courses, so that you can learn how to easily install this roofing type from trusted experts. Read this blog about our training courses to find out more.

5. Inexpensive

Because Firestone RubberCover is so long-lasting, it is very economical and inexpensive to buy. With a life expectancy of up to fifty years, the fact that it won’t need replacing makes it a real bargain.

Accessories and equipment are also inexpensive to buy because it’s really that simple to install.

6. Fire Retardant

Unlike some other roofing types, no other fire-retardant properties have to be added to the Firestone membrane to achieve a BROOF (t1), BROOF (t3) or BROOF (t4). It is already fire retardant because of its ingredients and composition.

7. Flexibility

Another important quality of Firestone RubberCover is its flexibility. The synthetic rubber can be stretched and as mentioned earlier, it has a high tear strength, meaning that moulding the product without damaging it is fairly easy. It feels elasticated, which makes it easy to manipulate, contributing to its easy installation.

8. Eco-Friendly

Firestone EPDM is an environmentally friendly material for a number of reasons. Studies have shown that manufacturers of EPDM have a fairly low impact on global warming. Plus, the material has natural insulating properties, helping the building to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is important for a roof since heat rises, because if less heat is released from your roof, the more you can save on energy bills.

As well as this, green roofs are a great way to help the environment and Firestone EPDM is perfectly suitable as a foundation for creating green roofs.

9. Easy Repairs

Although EPDM rubber is extremely durable and long-lasting, damage can sometimes happen. Luckily, another quality of Firestone EPDM is that it is easy and simple to repair.

Because of the installation of this roofing type, repairs can be done quickly with repair kits, whether you need a patch job or some extra adhesive.

10. Rainwater Recuperation

Firestone reports that physical tests from a lab recognised for environmental analyses, have shown that Firestone RubberCover EPDM and its assembly system allow the recovery of rainwater, meaning you can recycle rainwater that is collected by the roofing. This is just another way that Firestone EPDM roofing can help the environment.

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