Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roofing

December 9, 2020 | General
Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roofing

As far as roofing methods go, EPDM is leagues ahead of other traditional flat roofing materials. Not only is it commonly used in flat roofing applications, but it’s also a useful material for slightly sloped roofs, creating window and door seals in cars and even as a non-slip coating for playrooms and outdoor decking.

So, here are some facts and benefits about EPDM that you might not have known, but could play a deciding role in choosing it as your flat roofing solution.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest selling points of EPDM is that it’s 100% recyclable. The ERA (EPDM Roofing Association) launched a research project in 2006, from which they claim over 3.5 million pounds of EPDM rubber membranes were diverted from landfills in the first few years.

As a material, it is a good alternative to felt as it has an overall lifespan of around 50 years compared to the 10-20 year lifespan of felt roofing. This durability means that the overall amount of roofing material needing to be disposed of has dropped.

Blocks progress of fires

One of the things which makes EPDM membranes unique to other roofing materials is that it is flame-resistant. Made from a synthetic rubber membrane and a flame retardant compound, it remains stable at a range of temperatures, making it the perfect option for a whole range of roofing applications.

The rubber membranes themselves are almost impossible to set alight and are even proven to impede the progress of an existing fire from inside the building.

It requires little maintenance

Compared to alternative flat roofing methods, EPDM requires very little to no maintenance. Due to the increased thickness of the membranes, it makes them particularly durable. They are also resistant to ageing and as we have mentioned, can last for up to 50 years. Even when small repairs or maintenance is required, EPDM is easy to take care of with a huge range of liquid glues and sealants.

Almost completely weatherproof, the rubber compound of EPDM remains pliable in extreme heat and cold, decreasing the risk of cracks or leaks. It can also withstand heavy wind, rain and hail or harmful UV rays and radiation.

It requires low-impact installation

EPDM rubber membranes are cleverly designed for easy and hassle-free installation. They are made with less seams than traditional felt roofing to allow for a seamless and smoother application. What’s more, most EPDM roofing can be cut to larger sizes according to your requirements in order to cover more of your roof in one application.

Contrary to belief, it is also an ideal solution for roof replacements in occupied houses or buildings as the installation is relatively quiet and unintrusive. The simple process of laying EPDM makes it a quick and easy installation that causes no disruptions to daily life.

We have plenty more information about EPDM flat roofing available on our website and a dedicated team of experts who would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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