How To Boost Business With Roofing Maintenance

August 27, 2021 | General
How To Boost Business With Roofing Maintenance

Roofing maintenance is a fantastic way to boost your roofing business. Although EPDM roofing needs little to no maintenance, home owners are always looking for that bit of extra help when something goes wrong with their roof. 

Home owners only tend to notice when something with their roof is broken, whereas roofing maintenance is important to carry out at regular intervals throughout the year. This is to prevent any serious damage occurring that can result in a larger job and a larger charge for the homeowner. Adding a roofing maintenance service to your business means that you can grow and develop yours and your staff's skill set to ensure a thriving and successful business. 

Many homeowners are not equipped to regularly check their roof, some do not even own a ladder, which presents your business with the perfect opportunity. In order to successfully carry out roofing maintenance services, your staff need to be trained to the highest standards where they are capable of carrying out maintenance in all weathers. Companies with a reputation for excellent service over a vast amount of years are always going to be the trusted choice for homeowners. It is important to keep your contractors’ training up to date by attending regular roofing courses in your field. It is also helpful to have your staff keep up with regular news and latest practices.

Roof maintenance is a great way to build up business in the quieter months during the autumn and winter. This is mostly when damages occur and homeowners will be calling for your businesses help. Roofing maintenance services that we would recommend as additions to your company include;

  • General Inspections: After autumn and before winter, it is a good idea to check the roofs for any debris and leaves as well as the gutters. Inspect any storm damage that may have occurred.

  • Flashing and sealant monitoring and repairs: Especially during tough weather in the winter months, wind and debris can get under the flashing and lift it, causing lumps, mould and water damage. If there are signs of this happening, make sure the sealants aren't dried out or loose, and secure any lifting back down to the roof’s surface. 

  • Keep the trees a safe distance away from the roof: Any leaning or resting branches can scratch and tear roofing surfaces, falling branches can damage the roof, and falling leaves can very quickly clog the gutters. It is always best to suggest to the homeowner that trees close to the house are kept trimmed back, even with regular roofing maintenance checks being carried out. 

  • Introduce gutter cleaning: Gutters can become clogged very quickly and can result in multitudes of water damage. Check for breaks or gaps in any seams and make sure the brackets are holding the gutters against the house securely. 

Offering any of these services, even just when business is slow, is a great way to prevent your clients homes suffering from significant and expensive damages, whilst building both your business’s revenue and skill sets.

If you are looking to branch out your repertoire for your business and are interested in adding EPDM roofing to your business, contact Avenir today and join one of our many Firestone EPDM training courses



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