How to Fit A Skylight in A Firestone EPDM Flat Roof

July 17, 2020 | General
How to Fit A Skylight in A Firestone EPDM Flat Roof

Flat roofing is quite a common choice for buildings in modern-day society and is seen more frequently across the UK. A lot of DIY’ers tend to use specialist roofing providers such as ourselves to fit their flat roofing. The Firestone RubberCover EPDM that we offer is a high-quality and durable material, which makes it excellent for any sort of flat roofing project.

Similarly, skylights are a popular choice with designers and architects as opposed to the more traditional style of windows you see in homes and buildings. This is because they are a perfect way to increase the natural light within your home, as it reduces the dependency you have on artificial lighting whilst promoting energy efficiency.

What is a Skylight?

A skylight is an opening within a flat roof that is made up of either double, triple or quadruple glazed glass that comes with insulated support upstand. So, if you are looking to maximise the amount of natural daylight that leaks into your home, read on to find out how to fit one.

Installing Your Skylight

You will first need to begin by establishing where you want the skylight to be placed. Things to be taken into consideration include the opening mechanisms (if any), size, etc. Once you have that sorted, you will need to begin by designing/building an appropriate upstand that raises the skylight around 4 inches off the flat roof and tilts at around a 15-degree angle.

Step two then includes measuring and marking the EPDM prior to installation of the upstand. Mark and cut the EPDM to allow for the opening for the skylight upstand. This can be achieved using a tape, crayon or similar.

Cut the membrane in a cross formation and glue the EPDM using the Firestone contact adhesive up the upstand. Dress the corners using 9” Firestone Quickseam Formflash and Firestone Quickprime Plus.

Secure the new skylight in place using the supplied fixings from the manufacturer.

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