How to Get Your Roof Ready for Autumn and Winter

September 5, 2019 | General
How to Get Your Roof Ready for Autumn and Winter

The summer is coming steadily to a close, which means it’s time to start preparing for the colder weather that comes with autumn and winter. The changes in weather mean you must take care of the exterior of your home, and most importantly, your roof. 

At Avenir Roofing, we are experts in all things roofing, so we know the importance of getting your roof ready for the autumn and winter weather. To help you, we’ve put together a few hints and tips for preparing your roof.

Remove Debris

One of the first steps you should take when preparing your roof for the colder months is to remove any debris. This could mean anything from branches to leaves, to moss and algae. 

The longer that debris is left on your roof, the more likely it is to cause damage. Debris mixed with heavy wind and rain can cause serious problems for most roofing types, particularly if the debris gets wet. Avoid unnecessary issues and make sure your roof is clear. 

Clear Your Gutters 

While you’re removing debris from your roof, don’t forget to also clean your gutters. Gutters are essential for ensuring that water is properly drained away from your roof, preventing leaks. 

Branches, leaves and mud can build up in your gutters, causing blockages that can lead to serious damage. Prevent this by removing anything in your gutters either with your hands or with a brush. You may have to continue doing this throughout the autumn and winter months.

Clean Attic Vents

The vents in your loft or attic help your roof to breathe. The more airflow you have in your vents, the less the temperature will fluctuate on your roof. This means you are less likely to experiences leaks, cracks or other damage. 

To make sure your roof is getting enough airflow, you should ensure your roof vents are clean. Remove any dust and debris from those vents. There have also been cases where animals have nested in roof vents. This can cause serious issues, so make sure yours is clear. 

Regular Inspections

Getting your roof ready for autumn and winter involves lots of cleaning and clearing. But, you must also make sure your roof receives regular inspections during or after periods of bad weather. How often you do this, and whether or not you should get a professional roof inspection will depend on the type of roof you have and what the weather has been like. 

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