How to Maintain a Roof

January 21, 2019 | General
How to Maintain a Roof


With the British weather forever surprising us with wind, rain and sometimes snow, it is always important to maintain a healthy roof so you don’t end up with a leak or damaged roof. Here are Avenir’s handy tips for helping you to make sure your roof is always well maintained.


You can start maintaining your roof by giving it a good inspection, to check for any damage from bad weather or any potential problems. First, look in your attic or loft ceiling and check for stains which may indicate that water is getting through. Remember, if you see anything unusual, check on it properly both inside and out.

Look out for missing flashing, cracks, tears or loose tiles, on the outside of your roof. Normally, any major damage is visible from outside. So, get a ladder and have a quick look. It is advised that you check your roof at least once a month, but more often if you’re experiencing a lot of bad weather.

Repairing Your Roof

If unfortunately, you do come across damage, make sure you get it repaired as soon as possible. Whether it’s damage near a chimney, vent, skylight, or the roof itself, there is a number of ways you can temporarily fix your roof, whilst you seek further assistance. You can use sealant, flashing strips or roof felt, depending on the type of roof you are fixing. But, be careful on a wet day as roofs can get slippery.

Remove Loose Debris

Loose debris like fallen leaves or branches can be the start of major roof damage. So when it comes to maintaining a roof, making sure you remove any debris as soon as you can, is vital.

Leaves can accumulate quickly in the autumn/winter months, which causes strain to your roof because of the weight. You can use a brush, or your hands to remove the debris, and as mentioned earlier, is always easier to do this on a dry day to prevent slippage.

Trimming and Cleaning

Something else that will help keep your roof healthy and new is trimming any overhanging branches or leaves that may get in the way. Ivy that grows too high for a house can eventually lead to major roof problems if left unattended, so make sure that this is taken care of.

Also, another part of general roof maintenance is making sure your guttering is kept clean and empty. Mud, twigs and grime can all clog up your roofline guttering, making your roof inefficient. Maintaining your guttering will, in turn, help your roof to work well and last longer.

Moss Removal

Moss thrives in moist environments, and your roof is somewhere you don’t want too much moisture. It can lead to problems like mould, which can look very unsightly and cause major damage over time.

Keep on top of the moss on your roof by removing it as often as you need, with roof moss remover. Using a jet wash or anything of the kind can actually cause more damage, so be careful to only use proper materials for removing moss, to be on the safe side.

Maintenance with a Professional

Some people may deem it useful to schedule regular check-ups for their roof with a professional. Getting your roof seen to by someone knowledgeable, means you won’t have to worry about, at best a small leak, or at worst, your ceiling caving in.

Maintaining a roof is easy with these simple steps but certain details will change depending on the roof you have. One of the most durable roofs you can buy is a rubber roof or EPDM, which has unmatched resistance to UV radiation and extreme temperatures. But whichever roof you’re working with, following these simple tips and advice will help you be on your way to a functioning, healthy-looking roof.

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