How to Prepare Your Gutters for the Rainy Season

December 10, 2018 | General
How to Prepare Your Gutters for the Rainy Season


When rainy season strikes, it is easy to forget about a little roofline maintenance. But one of the most important things to take care of when it’s raining and it’s pouring is your gutters.

Preparing them for the rainy season is so important to maintaining a healthy roof and a healthy home. So, make sure you follow these essential steps to get your gutters in the best shape they can be in, ready for the rain.

Why Are Gutters So Important?

Before we get into the nitty gritty about how you can prepare your gutters, some of you may be asking, why are gutters so important?

Gutters are extremely important for every home because they make sure that all rainwater is drained away properly and isn’t repeatedly splattered where you don’t want it. Guttering helps to protect your landscaping and turf by preventing erosion. Gutters also help to prevent staining and streaking on any brickwork or masonry. Exterior doors are preserved and, most importantly, flooding of foundations and basements is prevented. That’s why there should be no skimping out on a gutter preparation session before the rainy season.

Check for Leaks

Be sure to check the full length of your guttering for any leaks. If you come across any, you must repair them as soon as possible or replace any leaky parts that are beyond repair.

Repair Loose Gutters

Any loose guttering, or guttering that no longer works properly, should be replaced. Sometimes, damage to guttering cannot be fixed and replacement is the only option. Luckily, buying spare parts for guttering is easy. It isn’t worth leaving a loose gutter that can cause your drainage system to deteriorate. Measure up and get them replaced.

Choose a Good Gutter

When replacing broken or loose guttering, be sure to go for something sturdy and long lasting. There is no point in replacing a broken part with something that is likely to break and not last, so take care when replacing your gutters.

Remove Debris Regularly

One of the simplest things you can do to prepare your gutters for the rainy season is to remove any debris regularly. Mud, twigs and leaves are just a few of the things that can get caught in your gutters and cause blockages. Scoop out and remove any debris as often as you can, so you can be sure your drainage system is running smoothly.

Check for Clogged Downspouts

When you’re checking your roofline for any blockages or clogs, don’t forget to check the downspouts. Mud and other debris can easily be caught in this part of your pipe, so make sure you check that they’re clear, before the rainy season begins.

Check & Tame Tree Branches

If your house is surrounded by tall trees or shrubs that can reach your drainpipe, make sure they are clipped back, tamed and are out of the way. You don’t want any unruly branches getting in the way of your gutters and preventing them from working properly.

Opt for EPDM Roofing

A sure-fire way to protect the exterior of your home is to replace any flat roofing with EPDM roofing. Rubber roofs are water resistant which will give you peace of mind during bad weather.

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