Is EPDM Roofing Energy-Efficient?

October 4, 2019 | General
Is EPDM Roofing Energy-Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a big deal these days. The UK government is heavily invested, with a huge emphasis on becoming the first major economy to pass a zero net emissions law. This made us think about our own industry and the materials that we use. With the increasing concern for environmental protection and safety, how energy efficient is EPDM roofing? It’s easy to get lost in the industry when it’s your day-to-day, but just how much are your actions affecting the environment? First, it’s important to find out what energy efficiency really means. 

Energy Efficiency: If something is energy efficient, it completes its role at a comparable or improved level, while using a lower amount of energy. Ultimately, being energy efficient is about doing a lot more with less, and becoming a better product or service in the process. 

Our favoured product is Firestone EPDM, so we’re going to be judging whether EPDM roofing is energy-efficient on this. We’ve always touted the benefits of the material, such as its long-lifespan and flexibility, but is it really energy efficient? 

Firestone and Energy Efficiency

In the UK, we tend to have a lot of cold days that require us to heat our homes. This is in direct contrast with countries like North America, which tend to have more days which require air conditioning, according to a study from 2008. The benefits of EPDM on hotter days are documented,  but what about those cooler days? Does EPDM still offer a comparable level of energy efficiency as its competitors? 

Firestone EPDM passes this with flying colours. Or one colour, to be precise. Darker EPDM roofing, such as Firestone, collects more heat in the colder months. It reduces the overall heating required by a building, resulting in fewer heating costs and lower demand for warmth. It’s one of the main reasons for its increasing popularity throughout the UK, but it’s not the only reason. There are other benefits to Firestone that you shouldn’t ignore.  

More than a Material 

Firestone EPDM is known for its ease of use and longevity, but that’s not all it provides to homes throughout the UK. It requires little-to-no maintenance throughout its lifespan. Making it a great long-term investment for the average homeowner. Homeowners benefit from its durability too, with an average lifespan of more than 50 years. It’s also incredibly cost-effective when compared to other roofing types.

It’s not only homeowners that benefit though. Firestone EPDM is incredibly easy to install, with flame-free application, large seamless single-ply sheets and high flexibility. This allows roofers to install it at all times of the year, bringing in a constant source of revenue. The membrane also has elongation properties, allowing it to elongate more than 300% to accommodate building movements. That makes it a go-to for many flat roofers across the UK. 

Become an Eco-Friendly Roofer 

So Firestone EPDM is a durable, energy-efficient option that’s suitable for homes throughout the UK. But is it truly an eco-friendly roof? The short answer, is yes. From manufacture to installation, Firestone EPDM is eco-friendlier or comparable to all of its competitors. This is due to the limited environmental impact during manufacture, and the longevity of the roof once it is installed. 

That’s not all however, as it’s flame-free application process reduces the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, while it’s durability reduces the need for repairs throughout its lifespan. As a result, roofers don’t need to travel or bring new materials to solve problems. Once its lifespan is up, the roof is also recyclable, making it better for the environment, and for the environmentally conscious. You could even create a rooftop garden if you wish!

Stock-Up with Avenir Roofing

For an energy-efficient roofing option that exceeds essential standards while being eco-friendly, choose Firestone EPDM. It couldn’t be easier to stock or use this material, as we are able to stock you at short notice due to our large UK-based operation. We even have display stands and product training options too. If you just want to have stock for your own operation, that’s not a problem either. Our team provides a drop-shipping service, and we also supply to contractors. Just contact us to secure your Firestone today. 

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