Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

October 15, 2018 | General
Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?


The leaves are changing colour, the temperatures are getting colder and the days are getting shorter, which is all there to remind us that winter is on the way. Whether it’s snowing, raining or blowing a gale, keeping your home safe and secure throughout the winter season is a top priority for many.

But what about your roof? Isn’t it the most important part of your house when it comes to keeping the weather out? That’s why making sure your roof is ready for winter is essential. It is better to prepare before the winter weather arrives than for your roof to suffer any damage during it.

To find out whether your roof is ready for winter or to read some helpful hints and tips for getting your roof ready for the season, we have outlined a few of the most important questions to ask yourself.

Have You Done an Inspection?

The first thing you should do to prepare your roof for the winter is to carry out a thorough inspection. This will help you to anticipate any problems that could become worse during harsh weather so that you can fix them in plenty of time. Whether you have a tiled roof, a slate roof or a flat EPDM roof, a thorough inspection is always important. 

Are Your Gutters Clean?

For your roof to survive the winter weather, your guttering and drainage system must be clear and fully functional. Having clogged gutters can result in roof leaks when there is heavy rain, so making sure you have a healthy gutter is essential.

To get your gutter working properly, clear it of any mud, leaves or other debris so that water can flow smoothly through it. You can easily spot problems by observing your gutters while it’s raining and looking at whether there are any leaking pipes. This becomes especially important during autumn when there are more leaves and debris.

man cleaning gutters of leaves

Do You Have Any Leaks?

Leaks are one of the most common causes of roof problems. They also have a reputation for being extremely difficult because a small leak can quickly turn into a huge problem. So, getting any leaks fixed as soon as possible and especially before the winter weather arrives, is of the utmost importance.

A thorough inspection of your attic and the outside of your roof can help you to spot any leaks. Although beware, what appears as a leak in your attic can be due to other issues such as condensation caused by poor ventilation. To learn more about the common cause of roof leaks and what to look out for, read our blog post that is dedicated to just that.

Is Your Roof Clear of Debris?

Equally as important as clearing your gutters and fixing leaks is making sure your roof is clean of any debris. There is a multitude of problems that can arise from having a build-up of leaves or branches and again, the autumn season can be the worst time of year for this with leaves falling faster than ever.

Before the winter season hits, you should clear any branches or leaves from your roof. It is also useful to prevent potential debris build-up by removing any overhanging branches or trees.

If your roof is leak-free, clear of debris and has clean gutters, then you’re good to go. Throughout winter you may also want to check up on your roof every now and then to ensure that everything is as it should be. For more roofing advice, read the rest of our blog or visit our website to explore the EPDM roofing we offer. 

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