How to Clean Your EPDM Flat Roof Effectively

A garage with a newly installed EPDM flat roof

So you’ve done it. Your property is currently sitting pretty with an EPDM flat roof. If you’ve chosen Firestone EPDM, which we would definitely recommend, you’ll now be benefitting from a 50-year lifespan. Its flexible properties and lightweight material disguise its hardy nature, while its eco-friendly appeal makes it a popular choice for modern properties. […]

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How Can Roofs be Eco-Friendly?

a garage with a newly installed Firestone EPDM rubber roof

Being eco-friendly is more than just a lifestyle choice these days. The environmental impact of every decision that we make is increasingly important, with stress-inducing environmental statistics being thrown at us at every opportunity. In fact, here’s a few for you: Billions of plastic bags are made every year, and of those plastic bags, more […]

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Which Flat Roofing Material Should You Choose? 

A shed with a rubber roof

Constructing a flat roof takes time, effort and the right materials. In fact, you might be surprised at the number of available options, and they’re usually all acronymed too! From EPDM to TPO, roofers need to know which material works best in any given situation. This is essential during the initial consultation process with a […]

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