The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

May 15, 2019 | General
The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

Your roof can be an easy thing to neglect. It’s out of sight and out of mind, which means many building or homeowners fail to carry out a roof inspection year after year. But when you think about, your roof is the first line of defence from the elements and making sure it is doing its job properly is important for a variety of reasons.

Most people hardly even notice the roof of their building unless it is leaking. Despite this, there are still many ways that your roof may be underperforming. Ways that could easily be spotted and fixed with a proper roof inspection. It is usually recommended that you have a roof inspection twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn (particularly for commercial buildings). But some roofing types require more maintenance than others and inspections may need to take place following periods of harsh weather, in addition to the usual inspection.

While some people are able to carry out roof inspections themselves, there are some roofing issues that an untrained eye could easily miss. Therefore it is recommended that a professional inspection is scheduled.

Purpose of an Inspection

The main objectives of a roof inspection are to find any potential problems early on so that they can be fixed before they grow into larger issues. They are also useful for gauging the remaining lifespan of your roof so that you can have an idea of how much longer your roof will hold for.

Common Problems Found

Depending on the type of roofing material that is being used, there are some common issues which are often picked up during roof inspections.

Here are a few of the common issues:

  • Missing shingles
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Leaks or cracks
  • Plants or moss growth
  • Roof sagging or drooping


At Avenir Roofing, we are trusted suppliers of Firestone EPDM RubberCover, an extremely durable type of flat roofing. During flat roofing inspections, the following is usually checked:

  • Inspection of the condition of the existing roof membrane
  • Positioning of joints
  • An assessment of joints, edge trims and flashings
  • Cleanliness and tidiness of outlets and gutters
  • Any pooling water on the surface of the membrane
  • Other areas which may benefit from more maintenance

Why is it Important?

With roofs being one of the most integral structural elements of any building, the importance of roof inspections cannot be stressed enough. Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s so important for you to have regular roof inspections.

Prolong Lifespan

Roof inspections can help strengthen the current materials on your roof, by replacing any broken parts or making repairs. This kind of maintenance will help prolong the lifespan of your roof by spotting defects early and correcting any problems. For example, our EPDM membrane has a 10-year warranty, but, if taken care of properly, EPDM membrane can last up to fifty years.

Avoid Future Issues

As mentioned earlier, roof inspections can help you avoid future issues by spotting things early. Small damage such as a cracked shingle or piling debris might start small, but problems like this will grow and grow if they are left unattended. Problems like this can lead to small leaks which turn into larger leaks where eventually, you may need a whole roof replacement. Regular inspections ensure things are caught early to prevent this.

Save Money, Time & Hassle

Avoiding large issues by spotting damage early will save you money, time and hassle on large repairs. A professional inspection and small repairs will cost you something, but nowhere near what you would have to pay, in time and money, for larger repairs.

Safer for Everyone

Not only is it important to have a roof that is functioning properly to save you time and money, but it is also essential for safety. Whether it’s a commercial or residential roof, taking care of the roof is taking care of everyone in the facility. If there are repairs that need carrying out, the people that live or work in the building are likely to suffer the consequences should something go wrong.

Helps Your Drainage

Roof inspections not only inspect the state of the materials on your roof. They also involve an inspection of your guttering and roofline. This helps identify issues with built-up debris which may be blocking your gutters, making them inefficient. Having gutters that aren’t working properly can prevent water from draining properly, which can read to roof leaks.

So, no matter what type of roofing you are using, regular inspections are a must. Learn more about our flat roofing solution by reading the rest of our blog or visiting our website.

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