Tool Safety For Roofing Contractors

March 4, 2022 | General
Tool Safety For Roofing Contractors

Working in the roofing industry can be a dangerous place but it doesn't have to be when your contractors know the correct equipment and tool safety regulations. With a roofing safety plan in place, you can keep your workers and fellow contractors safe and have them avoid any hazards or falls. This blog post is going to cover all things safety when it comes to roofing. 


Any plan is vital when it comes to roofing contractors' jobs. In order to get the job done properly and safely, each worksite needs a safety plan in place in which equipment and materials follow legal health and safety regulations. Method Statements and Risk Assessments should be submitted for approval prior to works commencing.


Roofing contractors come in contact with dangerous and hazardous tools on a daily basis. It is important to ensure your workers are correctly trained and confident in using each and every tool needed for a professional roof installation. Workers must also be provided with the correct equipment depending on the type of job they are doing, including any scaffolding, ladders and safety gear. 

Roofing tools can be extremely hazardous and can cause serious injuries if not used correctly. Furthermore, employers can reduce the risk of injuries by providing the correct tool guards and trained workers. Power tools such as nail guns and saws should always have proper guards and shields in order to avoid any skin contact. Employers must also ensure that each worker using power tools is wearing appropriate eye protection. All workers must be properly trained on how to use the tools. Before any work commences, it is important for contractors to discuss tool safety features, safe operating procedures and work procedures. 

Personal Protective Equipment

With any construction job, every roofing contractor should be protected against any hazards that may arise. Appropriate PPE is vital when protecting your workers. 

The typical PPE used with various roofing tools and equipment is nail guns, generator/air compressor,  power saws and chemicals including adhesives and primers can include:

  • Eye protection - Goggles or face shields

  • Steel toe boots - foot protection

  • Gloves

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