What are some basic flat roofing mistakes to avoid?

May 14, 2018 | General
What are some basic flat roofing mistakes to avoid?


Want to know more about common flat roofing mistakes and how best to avoid them? In our latest blog post, we go into detail about dangerous mistakes related to flat roofs. Flat roofing errors can have major consequences, which is why it’s so important that you know what you’re doing when it comes to the material – including Firestone RubberCover – used on flat roofs.

Issues with Ventilation

Due to its design, flat roofs have far less opportunities for ventilation than that of a traditional pitched roof. However, no matter the type of roof you have – be it on a domestic, commercial or industrial property – high-quality and sufficient ventilation is essential. When a ventilation issue arises with flat roofing, it can lead to excess moisture building up. This can then lead to mould, mildew and other types of fungus, which will then mean that there’s a possibility of decay within the flat roof. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to have some form of ventilation system installed on opposite ends of the roof.

Insufficient Drainage

Though built with a very slight and practically unnoticeable pitch, flat roofs are prone to leakages and water damage. One of the main reasons that this happens is because of an inadequate drainage system. If the rain has nowhere to go, then the water will just sit on the roof. So, when installing a flat roof, you need to ensure that you have sufficient drainage and clear gutters. The best placement for a drain would typically be at the lowest point which would usually be the centre. A drain pipe would then be attached that runs along and down the property’s exterior.

Leaving Repair Work

Despite its 50-year life expectancy and the fact that very little maintenance is required with EPDM roofing, this doesn’t mean that it’s imperishable. As one of the most common materials to be used on a flat roof, rubber roofing repairs are normally quick and simple. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be left to get worse. Once big mistake to make is to play the waiting game with flat roof repairs. And even though it may be out of sight, that certainly doesn’t mean that it should be out of mind. Flat roofs need to be regularly inspected, meaning that you’re more likely to notice any changes with the material you’ve opted to use. Leaving a repair job too long may lead to even further damage and an entire roof replacement needing to happen. So, as soon as you spot any issues, look into getting the problem repaired as soon as possible.

Choosing the Wrong Trim

Rubbatrim allows you to achieve a high-quality and professional finish on your flat roof when you’ve opted to use EPDM RubberCover as your flat roofing material. Choosing the right trim is essential, especially as it enables you to have a watertight seal on your roof. To ensure that you choose the most suitable application, get in touch with professionals – like Avenir Roofing Supplies – to find out which trims you need.

A Poor Deck Structure

Your roof deck needs to be as strong and structurally sound as possible. As the foundation of your flat roofing system, its condition is massively important. That means no cutting corners to save time or money as it may not pay off in the long run.

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