What Do Customers Want from Their Roofers?

October 18, 2019 | General
What Do Customers Want from Their Roofers?

Your customers are your best friend and your worst enemy. Trust us, we’ve been there. Roofing is an ever-evolving industry and keeping up to date with best practice and regulations takes time and a whole lot of effort. Throw your customers in the mix, and it can be a bit overwhelming! More often than not, your customers will be eager to get the job done. (You may even get a few cups of tea too!) However, retaining these customers is essential, as good word of mouth and repeat work is crucial in the long run. 

But how do you get a job in the first place? What makes a potential customer turn into a fully-fledged client? Knowing your local patch is one thing, but keeping up with today’s roofing trends is just as important. All these factors combine into exactly what a customer wants, but it’s the little things that are often crucial. We’re here to provide an insight into what your customers actually want, helping you retain and ultimately grow your business.

The Right Materials 

Your roofing knowledge is essential when you’re trying to advise a potential customer, so it’s important to keep up to date with the latest studies and innovations. Often though, it’s the tried-and-tested options that work the best.  Each type of roof works well with different materials, but we’d always advise using EPDM for flat roofs. 

Our favoured supplier is Firestone, and for good reason. Firestone EPDM has been installed on structures of all shapes and sizes for more than 25 years, with a range of properties that benefit a customer. It requires little-to-no maintenance, it’s easy to install and it’s eco-friendly too. The material is exceptionally cost-effective as well, as it has a high life expectancy of up to 50 years.  

Pitching that to a customer is easy. If a material is good, the customer will thank you for it. That’s why it’s always best to install high-quality materials that are proven to work, from suppliers like ourselves that are happy to help. 

The Right Price

The average homeowner does not budget for the cost of roofing services, according to Roofing Contractor. But what does this mean for you? A lot of potential clients are put off by high costs that they don’t expect, so it’s best to plan ahead for this scenario. You’ll likely be presented with a few quotes that they’ve received from other companies or contractors, so what do you do? 

Discounts are underutilised in the industry. The best part is, you can reduce the cost by as much or as little as you want, as your average homeowner isn’t going to know the difference. If you’re presented with several quotes, the best way to retain a customer is to slightly reduce your price, if it’s within your means to do so. You don’t even need to be the cheapest either, because if you’ve explained and answered their questions previously, they should be keen to work with you. 

That’s where testimonials come in. If you’re just starting out, we understand that this isn’t an option for you, but you should always aim to gain testimonials from every customer that you work with. These become invaluable for gaining new clients and could help with the previously mentioned discounts. You may not even need to discount the price if you have the work to back it up. 

The Right Service 

Providing a great service is one thing, but enticing a customer to choose your services in the first place is another. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that customers expect certain standards from any company that they utilise. This includes the following: 

Modern Website: Websites usually rank second for lead generation among local roofers, coming just under word of mouth.  A modern website is also a great way to entice and inform customers about your services. If all your competitors have one, you’re missing out on business. 

Social Media: Social media is another way to inform your customers, but it’s also a great place to display testimonials and ideas too. Providing an insight into your work culture can make you seem human, rather than a faceless organisation. This may make it easier for some customers to get in touch with you.

Friendly Presence: We understand that it can be frustrating when a customer doesn’t understand the workload or cost of roofing, but remaining calm and friendly throughout makes a huge difference. Unclear communication is bad for business, so unless they’re asking for work for free, you should try to understand their point of view. 

Avenir Roofing Ltd – Here to Help

Ensure that your customers are satisfied with their new flat roof. As suppliers of EPDM to clients across the UK, we provide the best materials in the business at an extremely fair cost. Several services are offered too, including dropshipping and stocking options, ensuring that you have access to Firestone EPDM when you need it. We’re also here to advise on its use too, so feel free to contact our team if you need anything. 

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