What Makes a Good Flat Roof?

October 1, 2018 | General
What Makes a Good Flat Roof?


Flat roofing is becoming a favourable option for designers and architects because of the qualities it offers. Flat roofs in every form are an increasingly popular choice for buildings such as extensions, verandas, garages, garden sheds, commercial buildings and more.

For a flat roof to fulfil on its promise of being one of the best choices for roofing, there are a number of aspects it must perform well.

So, what makes a good flat roof?

Solid Installation

For a flat roof to perform well for the whole of its lifespan, it is essential that it has been installed to a high standard. Luckily, flat roofing types such as EPDM rubber roofing are very simple and easy to install. They can usually be installed using one sheet, to prevent any seams or gaps.

Flat roofing must be secured properly around corners, vents, skylights, and any other obstructions. There must also be suitable trim installed correctly to complete the roof.

Suitable Decking

A good flat roof will also have suitable decking beneath the roofing material. The decking underneath must be able to support the type of flat roofing and will differ depending on the material.

Without a solid foundation, flat roofs are likely to fail or at the least not perform as well as they should. So, in order to make a good flat roof, what lies below must be strong and suitable to support the flat roofing.

Strong & Resistant

A good flat roof must be strong and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Throughout wind, rain and strong UV rays, the flat roofing must stand strong.

Although some maintenance is necessary to ensure a flat roof survives harsh weather, choosing a material that is designed to withstand it, is the best way to make sure you’re producing a good flat roof. After all, that is what roofs are for.

Long Lifespan

Roofs can be expensive and are a big job for most households or commercial buildings. Therefore, it is essential that a flat roof is long-lasting so that it won’t need replacing for a long period of time.

Flat roofing is simpler to replace than tiled and pitched roofs, but it can still be a hindrance, so the longer lasting the roof is, the better.

Easily Repaired

Although flat roofs have a reputation for being durable and resistant, when damage does happen, it is important that flat roofs are easy to repair. As mentioned earlier, roofs can be a big job, so if flat roofing is simple to repair, it makes life a whole lot easier.


How cost-effective a flat roof is, ties in with how long lasting it is. For instance, sometimes it is better to pay a little extra for a particular flat roofing type if it means it is going to last longer. You’ll save money on getting it replaced because you won’t need to!

Also, a cost-effective flat roof will help people to save money on energy bills because of its insulating properties. So, if you want a flat roof that will help you to save money, select something that will help keep a building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Attractive Design

Although this is not the most important thing when it comes to roofing, people still expect roofs to have attractive designs and to look neat and tidy on their property.

So, a good flat roof should look aesthetically pleasing and shouldn’t draw the eye for negative reasons.

There are many kinds of flat roofing around to choose between, but for a flat roof that embodies all of these qualities, EPDM is the winner. Read the rest of our blog to find out more information about how EPDM is a great flat roof.

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