Why Is a Roofline Important?

June 4, 2018 | General
Why Is a Roofline Important?


We all know it’s important to have a strong and sturdy roof on your property, but it can be easy to forget about the importance of a strong roofline too. Your roofline is just as important as your roof, as it helps to keep your drainage system working efficiently. Rooflines consist of many intricate parts that work together to protect a property and they all need a little TLC every now and then to keep them in good working order.

But why is a roofline important? A shoddy roofline can contribute to roof problems such as leaks, weak gutters and mould. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have a fully functional roofline that has all the necessary trims and accessories.

What Does a Roofline Consist Of?

Depending on what type of roof you have, whether it’s tiled, slated, or an EPDM flat roof, there will be variations on what parts you need for a completed roofline. Most rooflines consist of the following elements:

  • Gutters
  • Fascias
  • Soffits
  • Trims or Rubber Trim
  • Bargeboards

The gutters are important for draining away rainwater and other debris from the property, so it doesn’t cause damage. These gutters are supported by the other roofline parts around them, which need to be strong enough to carry a lot of weight.

Protect From Weather

Ensuring the gap between the guttering and the wall is watertight and sealed is extremely important. This area is easily exposed to harsh weather such as strong wind, rain and snow.

Your roofline protects this area and prevents any damage that may occur as a result of any harsh weather.

Prevent Rot

If the exterior of a property is exposed to rain or snow, rot and mould can grow and thrive. To stop this, it is essential to have and maintain a healthy roofline. Your roofline will also need to allow some air to flow through, so that damp doesn’t develop.

Rot can have devastating consequences for a property, which is why your roofline is such an important part of your roofing and drainage system.

Support Your Gutter

Strong fascias, soffits and bargeboards are important for supporting the guttering. If you have a flat rubber roof, using durable PVC trim and fixings is a great method of support.

With your gutters carrying so much weight caused by rainwater, mud and other debris that gets caught, the rest of your roofline can make or break a property.

A Tidy Exterior

Rooflines can have a massive effect on the aesthetics of a property. A simple change of black to white guttering and trims can have a huge effect on how tidy and neat a property’s exterior can look.

Keeping your roofline clean and free of debris can add to this, keeping your property looking good and working as it should.

If you think your roofline may be damaged or inadequate, it is important to act fast and solve the problem before it’s too late. To read about the flat rubber roofing and other roofline products from Avenir Roofing, see our website or explore the rest of our blog for more roofing advice.

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