Why is Sustainable Roofing Important?

June 14, 2019 | General
Why is Sustainable Roofing Important?

Due to the recent announcements regarding climate change and global warming, many people are more aware than ever about the impact their decisions make. (However small they may be.) This extends to the roofing industry, as people are increasingly conscious about the materials and processes used to install all types of roofing. Now, we’re not saying you should live in a wooden house made from sticks, but you should be conscious of the materials that you use when you’re constructing or requesting a new roof.

The roofing industry accounts for a lot of wastage, which is usually down to materials that reach their lifespan quickly, or down to the processes used to install said materials. At Avenir Roofing, we provide materials with long-lifespans and we promote proper installation practices, which goes some way to solving this issue. In fact, roofing materials can be sustainable in the following ways, and they often improve the quality of the material itself.


Firestone EPDM from Avenir Roofing has energy-saving properties, as research conducted in the US by certified energy manager Randy Koller suggests. In fact, it’s been highlighted that black EPDM roofing provides more energy-saving benefits than others in some instances, especially in northern climates. The study highlighted this factor, with black EPDM roofing saving on average energy costs and carbon emissions. Many people are surprised by this, as “white roofing” is traditionally considered to have better energy-saving properties due to its reflective nature.


Roofing waste fills a lot of landfills, so it’s paramount that you choose a material that’s fit for purpose. Firestone EPDM uses large seamless single-ply sheets and a flame-free application. This allows you to order to specific sizes, reducing wastage and increasing ease of installation. The improved use of roofing materials will contribute to the reduction of landfill waste worldwide, so our EPDM roofing products are a great place to start.

Built to Last

As the only thing protecting your property from the elements, you need a roof that’s built to last. Firestone EPDM has a lifespan of up to 50 years, which reduces the amount of wastage and the need for replacement. Using Firestone RubberCover could also prevent problems that occur from cheaper alternatives. For example, a cheaper alternative could break or buckle under harsh weather conditions. Due to the low amount of maintenance required, Firestone EPDM is a great option for safe, eco-friendly roofing.

Supplementary Options

Creating a sustainable roof is more than choosing the right materials. We’d recommend using the following to increase the benefits that Firestone EPDM provides.

  • Rooftop Vegetation – Placing native plants on your roof decreases the carbon emissions that your home emits, while improving its overall appearance.
  • Solar Panels – Heavily promoted in recent years, solar panels provide direct savings to the user while reducing the amount of non-renewable energy that is generated.
  • Roof Insulation – The right insulation makes all the difference, as it minimises how much the building needs to heat and cool to maintain an ideal temperature.
  • Correct Installation – Firestone EPDM is easy to install, and we offer training courses to ensure that it goes smoothly.


In order to create a truly sustainable roof, you need to use high-quality, eco-friendly materials that are built to last. The production cycle of the roof should consist of the initial installation, with limited maintenance throughout its lifespan. It helps if the installation process is quick and efficient too, as the use of equipment directly contributes to emissions. In essence, sustainable roofing is important because it results in a better deal for the environment and for the user. It’s the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking to create a sustainable roof, or if you require more details about the materials we offer, please contact our team. We’re happy to discuss your needs to ensure you receive materials that really make a difference.

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