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Using Firestone RubberCover – An Installers Guide

A garage with a newly installed EPDM flat roof

Firestone RubberCover is known throughout the industry as an exceptionally high performing material, making it great for roofing projects of all shapes and sizes. However, the material is only as good as the people fitting it, which is why we regularly offer training courses from our premises in High Wycombe (Buckinghamshire) and Winsford (Cheshire). You […]

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Flat Roofing Problems Prevented by EPDM

EPDM Rubber Roof in a rural area

Flat roofing has many benefits, which is why it is used on residential and commercial roofs across the globe. Flat roofs help people save money, space and precious time. Not to mention the fact that they come with few downsides in comparison to pitched roofs. There are many different types of flat roofing, some of […]

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How Versatile Is Firestone RubberCover EPDM?

EPDM Roofing project

EPDM is one of the most common flat roofing materials.  You can find EPDM roofs in all corners of the country being used to create a long-lasting and attractive flat roofing solution. There are many benefits of using EPDM for a flat roof including its durability, it’s eco-friendliness, and that fact that it’s so easy […]

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A Guide to Rubber Roofing

Completed EPDM Installation

RubberCover EPDM offers a unique combination of features and benefits which have been demonstrated on hundreds of thousands of roofs around the world. Suitable for a range of small residential flat roofing applications, rubber roofs are designed to be long lasting, hard wearing and reliable. Made from a synthetic rubber compound, Firestone RubberCover is a […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Firestone RubberCover

Sloped EPDM Installation on a shed

  Firestone RubberCover is a high-quality and reliable flat roofing membrane that offers big results! Ideal for small roofing projects, Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing is a system that’s watertight, durable and perfect for residential flat roofs. But if you’re looking to carry out a flat roofing project and aren’t quite sure of the membrane that’s […]

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