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5 Steps to Safely Removing Snow from a Flat Roof

Men clearing snow off flat roof

When winter rolls around, there aren’t many better sights than fresh layer of snow on a morning. However, despite how much we love looking at a Winter Wonderland, excess snow can cause havoc on your flat roof. Accumulation of snow on a flat roof can lead to water ponding, disfiguration of the roof membranes and […]

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Do I have a Roof Leak or Condensation?

A clean EPDM flat roof

Finding any amount of water damage in your home can be worrying for anyone. However, homeowners can sometimes be too quick to judge a water stain as a leaking roof when there could in fact be another culprit – condensation. While both these issues can be irritating and lead to more serious problems, knowing how […]

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Tips for Preventing Roof Leaks

EPDM rubber roof

A leaking roof is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Water damage is a silent but deadly disaster waiting to happen if the structure of a property is compromised, resulting in hundreds of pounds of damage as the roof and surrounding structure deteriorates over time. In fact, water damage usually costs in the region of £100 – […]

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How to Clean Your EPDM Flat Roof Effectively

A garage with a newly installed EPDM flat roof

So you’ve done it. Your property is currently sitting pretty with an EPDM flat roof. If you’ve chosen Firestone EPDM, which we would definitely recommend, you’ll now be benefitting from a 50-year lifespan. Its flexible properties and lightweight material disguise its hardy nature, while its eco-friendly appeal makes it a popular choice for modern properties. […]

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