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Safety Tips when Installing an EPDM Roof

A man installing flat roofing installation

EPDM roofs are becoming increasingly popular, not only due to their ease of application process, but because of their longevity and performance. At Avenir, we provide video tutorials and step by steps on how to apply a EPDM roof. It is important that health and safety tips are kept in mind at all times. EPDM […]

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Your Guide to Roof Work Safety

A New EPDM Roof installation on a pitched roof

According to the Health and Safety Executive in the UK, roof work accounts for around a quarter of all deaths in the construction industry. Unfortunately, common occurrences include falling from height and being struck by moving or falling objects. In fact, between 2011-2016, almost 100 falling from height fatalities were recorded. Safety is important in […]

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Why do Flat Roofing Materials Matter?

a garage with a newly installed Firestone EPDM rubber roof

As one of the only things keeping your precious belongings away from sudden weather changes, damp conditions, the roof is arguably the most important part of your home, it’s crucial you get the correct materials for the job at hand. To put it simply, materials matter. At Avenir Roofing LTD, we utilise our decades of […]

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How to Fit A Skylight in A Firestone EPDM Flat Roof

EPDM rubber roof with a skylight

Flat roofing is quite a common choice for buildings in modern-day society and is seen more frequently across the UK. A lot of DIY’ers tend to use specialist roofing providers such as ourselves to fit their flat roofing. The Firestone RubberCover EPDM that we offer is a high-quality and durable material, which makes it excellent […]

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Should you Replace or Repair your Flat Roof

EPDM Roofing membrane

Even with regular maintenance and the most reliable of flat roofs, there can be no certainty that you won’t experience problems with your roof. As a time-consuming and often costly process, roof repairs and replacements should not be taken lightly. The wrong decision may not only result in an issue not being properly resolved,  but […]

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