External Corner Download PDF

A how-to guide to installing an external corner.

Step 1

Mark rubber as shown with crayon or similar. A should be 85mm and B should be 135mm

Step 2

Prime brickwork and rubber with quick scrubber and handle and allow to dry.

Step 3

Fold up bottom of 9" flashing by 6cm (C) and carefully remove rear section of release paper. Start from the top, centralise and adhere in place, ensuring that the folded up 6cm section will finish neatly at the bottom. Once in place the folded-up section will be self-supporting and will allow you to remove the rest of the release paper.

Step 4

Using fingers, gently dress the flashing tape down the wall towards the deck paying extra attention to ensure it is tight into the angle change. Still using fingers, gently stretch the flashing tape, 1cm at a time, onto the roof. This will form a neat semi-circle. A gentle heat source such as a hot air gun is useful in cold conditions.

Step 5

Use a silicone and penny roller to ensure is properly mated, paying attention to the angle change.

Step 6

If there are gaps at the top of the corner detail use additional 9” flashing tape and primer.

Step 7

Thoroughly roller.