Rainwater Outlet Download PDF

A guide to installing a rainwater outlet.

Step 1

Place rainwater outlet through the pre-cut hole and mark around it using a crayon or similar.

Step 2

Prime the underside of the rainwater outlet and 1cm beyond the marked area on the rubber using a quick scrubber pad and handle. Allow both surfaces to dry.

Step 3

Mate the surfaces together and compress with a silicone roller.

Step 4

Round the corners of the 18” form flash (outlet kit) with scissors and neatly position over outlet. Mark the perimeter with crayon.

Step 5

Prime the rubber and outlet using the quick scrubber pad and handle and extend primer beyond the crayon line by 2cm.

Step 6

Once touch dry, neatly position the 18" form flash and carefully remove the backing paper. Roller firmly in place and use a sharp blade to carefully cut out the hole.