Seam / Join Download PDF

A how-to guide to creating a seam join after splicing two or more pieces of Firestone RubberCover EPDM membrane.

Step 1

Ensure rubber is straight and overlapping by 10cm, create a line 2cm away from the join using a crayon or similar. Position your thumb between the crayon and join as a good guide.

Step 2

Fold the rubber back and prime both sides and up to the crayon line using quick scrubber pad and handle. Allow both surfaces to dry.

Step 3

Starting at one end, carefully apply 3” quick seam tape to the lower primed area, ensuring the brown paper is in line with the crayon line, once the full length has been applied roller using a silicone roller.

Step 4

Overlap the rubber onto the brown release paper and slowly remove the release paper at a shallow angle, smoothing in place with your hand as you go.

Step 5

Once removed, thoroughly roller.