Wall Trim Flashing Download PDF

A how-to guide to installing a wall trim flashing.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean the wall, chase and rubber.

Step 2

Apply a thin coat of contact adhesive to the rubber and the wall .

Step 3

Once touch dry, starting at the bottom, carefully mate the surfaces together. Smooth by hand and silicone roller.

Step 4

Trim membrane.

Step 5

Position a piece of 9” QuickSeam Formflash or a Detail Kit as shown and mark the perimeter, allowing an extra 1 cm.

Step 6

Apply Quick Prime plus to the marked area using a Quick Scrubber pad and handle, allow primer to dry.

Step 7

Peel back a section of backing paper and, starting from the top, slowly work downwards as shown.

Step 8

Apply a gentle heat source to the corner if needed.

Step 9

Thoroughly roller with Silicone and Penny Rollers.

Step 10

Insert wall trim into chase and secure at 600mm centres with the supplied fixings. Rawplugs are not needed if a 5.5mm masonry drill bit is used.

Step 11

Thoroughly seal chase with Wall Mastic.