Lineflex – Fleece Backed EPDM


Durable Flat Roofing Solution

Exclusively distributed in the UK and ROI by Avenir Roofing Ltd


Lineflex is a heavy duty fleece backed EPDM roofing system that is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Lineflex fleece backed EPDM comprises an EPDM membrane that is laminated to a tough polyester reinforcement layer which greatly increases it’s durability as well as improving it’s tear and puncture resistance.

Rolls have a non fleeced edge to enable simple to install heat welded joins. Detail work is undertaken with pressure sensitive tapes and primers.

Lineflex fleece backed EPDM is complemented by an extensive range of perimeter trims.

  • 40% increase in puncture resistance
  • Fast and reliable cold applied installation using no naked flames
  • Discrete heat welded joins – for a clean, crisp, reliable installation
  • Full range of components and accessories for a complete, watertight installation
  • Fleece backed membrane gives a smooth, wrinkle free finish
  • Perfect for adhering to most substrates, even rough uneven concrete, using contact adhesive
  • Reduced shrinkage due to the prelaminated fleece
  • Superior up lift resistance due to adhesive/fleece bond
  • Weatherproof and UV stable
  • Chemically and thermally stable with exceptional weather resistance
  • There is no change in elasticity between -30°C and 120°C

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Download Lineflex A4 Brochure and Product Guide