Taking Care of Rubber Roofing

July 2, 2018 | General
Taking Care of Rubber Roofing


Rubber roofing is designed to last. It’s most appealing feature is its ability to resist harsh weather conditions, debris and other troubles that your roof undergoes. EPDM is strong, durable and highly-resistant, making it the perfect flat roofing solution for everyone!

But, to get the most out of your rubber roof, it is important to learn how to take care of the EPDM. With most EPDM roofing lasting as long as fifty years, you can extend its life even further by undergoing some simple EPDM care techniques. We recommend carrying out these roof maintenance tips about 3-4 times a year, or more frequently during bouts of bad weather.

Inspect Your Roof

Possibly the simplest step you can undertake is to carry out a thorough roof inspection. Doing this can help you to anticipate any damage or leaks.

You should look for any build-up of debris, whether that’s leaves, branches or water that hasn’t drained properly. Identifying any potential problems before they have affected the roof, is the key. It is also important to look at the edge trims to check for damage or weaknesses.

Plus, make sure you look out for any cracks or loose parts on the EPDM. Missing these and leaving them to grow can lead to some very serious consequences.

Clean Your Roof

Cleaning your rubber roof is a great way to make sure your roof stays intact and performs its function to the fullest.

Start by sweeping or rinsing off any old debris or grime and get as much off as you can. You want to have as little as possible remaining before you carry out a proper clean.

Then, use a roof cleaner to mop the surface area of the EPDM. You can use a mop or a soft bristle brush. But, make sure you don’t use too much water on the roof and keep your cleaning tidy and contained.

Repair Scuffs, Marks and Holes

During an inspection, if you find any scuffs, marks, holes or spots, make sure you repair them as soon as possible. Repairs are often simple and straightforward, and you can use sealant and repair kits to carry out most repairs.

You may also want to carry out repairs to any parts of the roof that are coming up or away. Fixing these problems early prevents them from turning into a larger issue.

Do No Harm

When carrying out maintenance work on your EPDM roof, make sure you’re not doing more harm than good. For instance, using pressurised water with a hose or jet wash can do more damage to the roof than you realise. Also, using harsh chemicals on the roof can reduce its strength and resistance.

So, take care when cleaning your roof and if you’re using chemicals, check the label before you use it on your roof.

Why is This Important?

You may be wondering, why is this so important? Some people go years without doing any roof maintenance, don’t they? Well, it is common to forget that your roof needs some TLC every now and then, for you to expect it to last. From keeping the neat and tidy look of EPDM, to helping it perform well as a roof, there is a huge variety of reasons why is it important to take care of your EPDM roof.

Here are just a few reasons why taking good care of your rubber roof can benefit you:

  • Spot problems early
  • Extend your roof’s lifespan
  • Protect your home/building
  • Keep the warranty intact
  • Help it perform its function
  • Keep your roof looking good


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