Why Are More & More Contractors Offering ‘Green Roofs’

March 2, 2022 | General
Why Are More & More Contractors Offering ‘Green Roofs’

Green roofs are becoming more and more popular for commercial and residential buildings so it is important that your contractors are experienced or hold the knowledge of how to install a green roof using EPDM membranes. So what do roofers need to know about green roofs? In this article,  Avenir Roofing Ltd is going to be outlining what contractors need to know and why green roofs are a great addition to your service as contractors. 

It is important to stay ahead of your roofing competitors and offer additional services to your new or existing flat roofing services. This can easily include a green roof, seeing as you may already offer every aspect and materials needed to install a successful green roof. 

Homeowners don't want dull, boring views of their flat roofs anymore. Many are looking towards contributing to a greener, more eco-friendly option. Homeowners are wanting to see more greenery, especially in built-up cities such as London where outdoor, green space is limited. Green roofs offer customers a huge range of benefits that include; 

  • Reduce heating by improving the roofs thermal  efficiency

  • Creates a natural habitat

  • Filters pollutants & carbon dioxide out of the air, helping to lower diseases such as asthma

  • Improves buildings sound insulation

  • Very little maintenance is needed if installed correctly

Contractors can add green roofs to their services fairly easily, due to the ease of the installation process. If your staff are already highly trained in an EPDM flat roof installation, the steps to follow for a green roof installation will be simple for your team. 

EPDM membranes are the perfect addition to any green roof due to their watertight and sturdy qualities. This is why more and more contractors are adding this service and skills to their repertoire. Check out our home page for more information


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