Avoiding Rubber Roofing Installation Errors and Causing Damage To your Business

September 9, 2021 | General
Avoiding Rubber Roofing Installation Errors and Causing Damage To your Business

When fitting any roofing material, especially EPDM rubber roofing, it is highly important that it is done correctly, safely and to a professional standard in order to get the best results for your customers every time. It’s crucial to have your contractors and staff trained to the highest standards and have them able to not only fit an EPDM roof correctly, but also know how to take care and carry out maintenance on already fitted roofs. If your staff are not adequately trained in how to properly fit EPDM membrane, this will result in higher costs for your customers, as well as taking valuable time from both your business and the customers' day to day life. It is worth taking time on fitting each EPDM flat roof to ensure there are no mistakes made that could result in complaints to and about your company, damaging your reputation. 

Common EPDM roofing problems if not installed correctly

If the rubber EPDM membrane is not adhered and fitted properly, there are a range of issues that can come about that. These issues include Leaks. Leaks can happen if the EPDM is not fitted properly, or from the EPDM being torn or punctured, even during installation. Wrinkles extending to the roof seams or shrinkage can be other causes of leaks. Avoiding any of these can be simple if your team knows how to lay the EPDM correctly. However, it is always useful for the contractors to be skilled in repairing any of these issues if they are to arise in either a previously fitted EPDM roof or as the EPDM is being fitted for the first time. 

Common Roof Replacement Scenarios 

As a roofing contractor, you will see various scenarios when it comes to customers roofing replacements, and the reasons as to why they have called on your team. A few common scenarios your staff will see include; 

  • The roof is more than 15 or 20 years old and needs repairs

  • The roof has been severely damaged by water, high winds or fire

  • Poor roofing installation previously that has compromised the quality of the roof

  • Major renovations are being undertaken before selling a building

Replacing an EPDM flat roof is no small job, therefore, you want your business to be the trusted and chosen one by your customers every time. By ensuring your staff are fully experienced and trained in the correct procedures, you can both avoid any installation errors caused by your team, and grow your business and customer field. Word of mouth is a great way to gain more custom, and completing a job to a high and professional standard will mean your customer is likely to not only use your company in the future but also to recommend your company to others.

Here at Avenir, we offer a range of training courses, so head over to our website to find out more and ensure you have the highest level of skill on your team. 


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