RCI Show Exhibition 2023

December 1, 2023 | General
RCI Show Exhibition 2023

In October, Avenir Roofing Ltd exhibited at the RCI Show 2023 for the third year in a row. The RCI Show is the largest UK event where the roofing, cladding, and insulation supply chain comes together.


Exhibiting Our Flat Roofing EPDM

This year was particularly exciting for Avenir Roofing Ltd., as we launched TRC’s Broof(t4) accredited EPDM system within the UK flat roofing market.  We’ve been selling TRC rubber for some time now, but this was the opportunity to showcase the full range of branded products to accompany the EPDM.

We asked Brett, our General Manager what he thought about this year at the RCI Show.

"It was a fantastic show with lots of interest for Techno EPDM from both new and existing customers. We are very excited about the future of TRC.  Techno Rubber Company’s EPDM is proving to be a real winner with flat roofing installers due to the consistent quality of the product and the fact that it’s a little thicker than most of our competitors (1.2mm versus 1.14mm).” 

As our product trainer, Adrian, commented, “Rubber roofing is an increasingly popular choice.  Rubber is very flexible, so when a building/roof moves, which it’s bound to do to some extent, the roofing material can move with it.  Fibreglass and liquid systems have much more potential to crack which is obviously not what you want!”

Installers who are new to EPDM soon realise that there are many benefits – not least of which is that you’re not so much of a slave to the weather.  If the worst should happen and your weather window closes down, the single piece of EPDM that you’ve acquired to do the job means that you have a ready-made tarpaulin and you can normally call a halt temporarily and return to it when the rain stops.  With other systems, it’s usually a case of “I’ve started so I’ll finish” and that either means waiting longer for the right conditions, or you end up doing a job while it’s wet (or damp), which can compromise the finished job.

We supply Techno EPDM in both 1.2mm and 1.52mm, with a range of rolls from 3.05m to 12.2m.  In addition, there’s a comprehensive range of compatible, TRC branded products including water-based deck adhesive, contact adhesive, primer, tapes, trims and accessories.  In particular, our range of Techno Trims is highly regarded as giving an attractive, long-lasting finish to flat roofing details, whilst being easy to use and competitively priced.

We feel it is important that merchants know they can rely on us for support and reliable service. Avenir Roofing Ltd provides a great range of promotional materials and wants to support you with the promotion and sales growth of Techno EPDM.

Our Internal Sales team is available to offer advice on what your customer may need for their roofing project.  The External Sales team is on the road, available to pop in and offer staff training, set you up, or just pop in for a chat.  Our installer training service is also increasingly popular, either by way of courses that we regularly hold at our premises in High Wycombe or alternatively, we take that service on the road and deliver courses at our merchants’ premises.

One of our key concerns is to ensure that we drive as much business through the merchant network as possible.  With the exception of a few major accounts and legacy relationships, we don’t generally sell directly to contractors, preferring to steer them to local builders merchants/roofing merchants, because we don’t want to be taking business away from our suppliers.

What all of this amounts to is an unparalleled product range and support service for merchants throughout the mainland UK, be they major groups or independents.  If you’re not on board and you’d like to know more, pleaseget in touchto find out what you’re missing.

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