Preparing For EPDM Installation In The Winter

November 8, 2021 | General

As the weather turns colder, and the winter months creep in, there is that burning question:  Can EPDM roofing be installed effectively during the winter months?

The answer is yes, EPDM can be installed in cold weather, but this depends entirely on how severe the conditions are and provided the necessary procedures for installation and safety are followed. In this article, we are going to explain how and why contractors can still install an EPDM roof during the winter season and the procedures that need to be followed.

Contractors will need to allow for extra time for installation in cold conditions. They should also take particular care to consider how the adverse weather conditions will affect the companies health and safety policies and ensure the regulations are followed at all times.

In cold weather, you will need to allow extra time for the membrane to relax. The membranes also need to be installed as soon as the adhesive is ready. The adhesives need to be kept between 15 - 25 degrees celsius in both storage, and during transportation to the installation site. However, both water based and spray contact adhesives cannot be used in temperatures below 5 degrees celsius, as this can cause bonding failures. 

Icy surfaces are a hazard that need  to be considered by contractors when looking to install an EPDM roof. Ice can be difficult to see and injuries such as a slip or fall can occur if extra safety precautions aren’t taken. Make sure the working area is cleared of all hazards and debris before starting the installation process to avoid accidents. 


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