Why Training Your Contractors Is Crucial For Your Roofing Business

September 23, 2022 | General
Why Training Your Contractors Is Crucial For Your Roofing Business

Everyone, in some way or another, has experienced or heard about botched roofing jobs and disaster installations. To avoid your company getting that type of reputation, it is important to have your staff trained correctly and to a satisfactory level before sending your contractors out on jobs. This is why we at Avenir have put together a few reasons why you should have the best-trained staff in the industry and how this will, in turn, help with your business's reputation and popularity. 

Whilst installation of your roof is vitally important, choosing the right materials is also just as important. Without proper installation and the correct materials used, your roof will fail long before it should. Anyone working on your business's roof installations needs to have specific training on how to lay down the particular materials you are using and how to stay safe whilst doing so. Here at Avenir, we are experts when it comes to all things EPDM roofing training. Ranging from on-site training to contractor or counter-staff training, we have it all. 

Flat roofing has evolved considerably over the last 20 or so years, with an ever-expanding range of products available to both home DIY-ers and roofing contractors. A well-trained roofing contractor will not only be familiar with fitting and installing the materials but the application methodologies for those particular products. 

Whilst fitting knowledge is crucial for any contractor, your staff also need to be aware of the roofing regulation requirements, and what should and shouldn't be done during any job. This includes the importance of compliance and applicable standards and code of practice. 

Roofers need to not only know how to expertly install a roofing system, be it slate, EPDM or felt, but also need to know how to stay safe, especially since they are working at heights. The last thing you want for your business is to be stuck in the middle of a lawsuit due to an accident happening at work, so whilst your business should be covered, your staff should be highly knowledgeable on the safety precautions that come with roofing. 

It is no surprise that falls are a leading cause of work-related injuries and fatalities among roofers. This is where fall protection comes in. Fall protection training is essential for keeping all your staff safe, and without such training, can cause a much higher risk of injuries or deaths. Fall protection training covers a range of safety equipment that can be used, including personal fall arrest systems, guardrail systems, to warning lines and safety monitors. 

For more information on training with Avenir, head over to our training section or contact us for more details. 


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