Firestone RubberCover Container Delivery

March 11, 2019 | General

Thanks to our TWO container deliveries at the end of last week, here at Avenir Roofing we are fully stocked up on RubberCover rolls with great intent to supply all our loyal customers! We import our rubber directly from Firestone manufacturing depot in the US, ensuring our EPDM is 100% authentic.

Here’s what went down…

Our warehouse team were at the depot bright and early (6am!) awaiting the arrival of the first container.

The container was filled with a selection of EPDM sizes totalling a whopping 83 rolls! Our excellent hard-working team managed to unload and send the first container on its way in just 1hr 30.

This was immediately followed by the second container arriving promptly at 8am (no time for our team to stand around!). Again, another great number totalling 85 rolls, finished in 1hr 30.

All our rolls are offloaded by forklift, requiring a huge amount of team effort. We also managed to train a new starter in the process, to safely and efficiently offload – all in time for future deliveries.

Avenir Roofing Supplies are pleased to say we are now well stocked, with more on the way this week to keep up with demand.

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